LEGO Worlds

A 2016 sandbox game that lets the user build structures in 3D


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  • Category Adventure
  • License Full Version
  • Version 1.0
  • Works under Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 2003 / Windows XP / Windows 8 / Windows 8.1
  • Language English
  • Program by TT Games

Explore the Imaginative World of LEGO

Most people played with LEGO as children and had fun creating their own world out of the colourful blogs, characters and other elements. For many years LEGO has been turning their creative skills to the gaming world and have created a large number of popular games that put their own take on iconic genres. LEGO World is the latest gaming instalment and promises to be bigger and better than ever before. Read on to discover if the game lives up to its claims.

After the LEGO film hit the big screen, a lot of hype and expectation was created for the game to be released. The wait is finally over and gamers finally have the chance to explore the world of LEGO from the comfort of their own home and build various elements to make their world their own.

It seems that the wait was worthwhile, as the environments that LEGO have created are extremely detailed and well polished. There are plenty of touches of humour that helps to define the LEGO world and give the cute characters a bit of an edge. The map presents players with a well defined island that contains a series of different world that are just waiting to be explored. There are lots of different islands to choose from and each island features its own diverse environment complete with various details such as snow and jungles.

There are lots of different types of action for players to engage in while they explore. Skydiving into the frigid waters that surround the arctic LEGO climate is a nice touch that really gives an extra dimension to the game. As players make their way through this environment they will encounter various dangers and obstacles such as polar bears. They must use their wits and new found fighting skills to defeat these challenges before they continue to explore.

After you have defeated your polar bear with a few swift jabs to the nose, you will discover that the animal becomes very docile and you are able to ride across the arctic tundra on its back. The varied action that the game offers presents plenty of thrills and challenges and there is always something new just waiting to be discovered.

The world is divided into four separate climates that range from the arctic tundra to dense jungles. There is even a very spooky zone where players will have the chance to enjoy close encounters with zombies and vampires. As players explore, they will have the chance to add their own elements to the LEGO environment by purchasing flora, fauna, various new types of getting around and much more from the LEGO shop located in the drop down menu. This gives players the chance to put their own creative touches on the already well defined world and really make their mark. Players can earn plenty of cash by destroying various elements from the LEGO world and then hopping on their transportation method of choice to zoom across the screen.

LEGO World offers gamers a lot of content to explore and play with. The great graphics and playability match the LEGO brand well and LEGO fans are sure to have a lot of fun. Although a very additions need to be made to successfully complete the game, this is not a bad start and gamers can look forward to much more to come.


  • Recreates the LEGO fun
  • Lots of options and game elements
  • Great graphics and polished environments
  • Good sense of imagination


  • A lot still needs to be finished
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